Monday, May 11, 2009

Basara MC Japan - 7 of 9

Cherry-San. --When did you buy your Panhead? 1994 --Where did you buy it from? I found it sitting in a friend’s garage! --Why do you run Frisco pegs instead of forward controls? Because I can ride much faster with Frisco pegs. Better ground clearance! --Why did you chose to build a Panhead instead of other Harley motors or other types of motorcycles? Because Panhead’s are so F’ing cool man! --Is there anything that you would like to change onyour bike? The pipes. --Is the Panhead your only bike? Yes. --What do you like about riding fast in the mountains? I just love riding in the mountains! --What magazines or books did you look at to get inspiration for building your chopper? AKIRA! (AKIRA is a epic Japanese Manga that is set in the future about a group of young bike punks who battle their rivals on motorcycles on the streets of Tokyo.)

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